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Well… I started running again. I’ve been encouraged  to re-engage my running habits from high school. I was a hard-core runner for most of my high school years. Then I discovered rock-n-roll and I traded in my running aspirations for a microphone and the eventual keyboard. This was not well received by my family but God ended up using that decision for His glory (God is incredibly good).

Ultimately, the encouragement is of great benefit to me. Exercise is so vitally important in our overall health. It doesn’t just add value to our physical bodies, but the endorphins from a solid work out pay giant dividends to our emotional states. There’s nothing like a solid dose of endorphins from a heart-pumping workout.

Here’s the problem with beginning a new workout routine: It’s hard. I don’t have a more eloquent word set. It’s miserable to begin using muscles that escape attention unless subjected to physical exertion. The good news is that our bodies eventually adapt and we have more energy throughout the day. We look better, we feel better, and our metabolisms get a giant boost from regular workouts. Exercise is also one of the most effective combatants to stress.

I don’t need to write a post to proclaim the benefits of exercise. We know them, but it’s carving out the time to actually put what we know into action. The inherent tension is that exercise isn’t as fun as watching Netflix. At least, that’s been my experience. Just like it’s more fun to eat a plate of brownies than a plate of broccoli.

The word that comes to mind is sacrifice. We go to the gym instead of watching Netflix. We cook a healthy meal at home instead of hitting the drive-thru. It’s initially a sacrifice and an exercise in delayed gratification. But, and here is the really good part, we reap lifelong benefits from these kinds of choices.

Here’s the spiritual application, and really the point this week: It’s saying no to what we want and yes to what God wants. Am I equating running to spiritual discipline? Perhaps. There’s a verse in the Bible that states: So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up. Galatians 6:9 (NLT) It’s not always easy to forgive, to love without reason, and to give of ourselves without expectation of a return. Yet the fruits of living this way are peace, joy, and the affirmation of a God who modeled this lifestyle in His Son Jesus.

So hit the road, physically and spiritually. I’ll be there too, sore some days, but continually pursuing God’s call to not give up and striving to do good. Many blessings to you as you run on!

Till next time,