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As the news from the tragedy in Boston began rolling in today, the phrase that came up in a couple of my conversations was, “What’s this world coming to?” In many ways, it’s certainly a fair question. Senseless acts of violence don’t make sense, especially when the children’s song proclaims, “He’s got the whole world in His hands…”

What are we as Christ followers to do when tragedy strikes? How do we respond when the sorrow hits close to home and we are left wondering where God was in the midst of the carnage? I believe we continue to pray. We remind ourselves that God isn’t absent. We steadfastly trust in His goodness, His healing presence, and that He does still have the world in His hands – even when we don’t understand.

Does that sound trite? Perhaps. Does it explain 9/11, school shootings, or bombs at a race? No. Yet this is where faith blossoms. So we still pray, we still trust, and we still place our concerns and fears in the hands of an Almighty God.

Lord have mercy. May You comfort the broken, heal the wounded, and may Your love shine in the midst of darkness.