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I was listening to the message yesterday during The Gathering and our pastor Rick Snyder spoke these words. I immediately made a mental note to blog them:

Most often, God works subtly, behind the scenes, not in flashy displays. Jesus is born in a crude animal stall in total anonymity, far from seats of power and influence. His birth is announced only to humble shepherds. So if God works subtly, we look for His presence not in some dramatic miracle, but in a thought that offers guidance in the midst of confusion, in a surge of strength when we are exhausted, in the peace that calms the waters of a troubled relationship. Even in Scripture, dramatic miracles are rare. God splits the waters of the Red Sea, but then the Israelites wander 40 long years through the wilderness. But though God most often works subtly, can’t we trust that God is still at work in ways we may not even see?

I’ve discovered this truth more times than I can begin to count. I was waiting for a giant sign, some enormous revelation from heaven, and in hindsight it’s unmistakable that God was speaking and working the entire time. This is a struggle; a challenge for sure. Listening for the still small voice when we feel that we need a giant miracle is not for the faint of heart. Yet, the benefit of noticing God’s moving in the small things brings a greater awareness of His presence and activity in the day-to-day. This week may we be thankful for the ever-present Hand of God moving in the ordinary. The fact that God moves at all is in and of itself a miracle. Thanks be to God for His ever active Heart and presence.

Til next time,