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This week’s post is a repost from our staff blog that I submitted last Wednesday. Enjoy!

It’s a fact that my kids don’t like vegetables. One of my daughters quotes is “I don’t eat things that are green.” Yet, as her dad, I’m consistently lifting up the need to eat her vegetables because they are good for her. I don’t do this because I want her to endure, as she would call it, “icky-ness.” I do it because I want her to pursue the healthiest version of herself because I love her.

I hesitate to compare eating vegetables to reading the Bible but I do think there is some truth in the analogy. I don’t know about you, but I prefer brownies to broccoli. Yet over a period of time brownies are going to negatively impact my body if I eat too many of them. Broccoli, however, is a more nutritionally rich choice.

Throughout my years of ministry I’ve heard several reasons why individuals don’t take time for God’s word. “I don’t understand the Bible. The Bible is boring. I don’t have time. I’d rather read something more exciting.” Instead of trying to debunk each of those reasons with a counter, I think it’s more concise to simply reply, “But the Bible is spiritual food. We need it.”

I don’t think the Bible is boring or irrelevant – but I also hated broccoli as a kid. I’ve developed a taste for broccoli over the years, just as I’ve developed my relationship with God through the Bible. Is there the temptation to gorge on Netflix and skip the Bible, i.e.… brownies? Every day. But I continue to go to God’s word as a source of spiritual nourishment and hope; just like I had a side of broccoli last night. Actually, I really like broccoli now. And, over the years I’ve found a deeper love for the Bible as well. Be encouraged today to have a serving of veggies for your body, and some time in God’s Word for your heart.

Til next time,