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Yesterday morning as I was preparing for The Gathering  God impressed upon my heart that I need to step out in faith and begin praying more boldly and specifically. I immediately thought, “Yeah! Pray Big! Whoo hoo!” However, as the day rolled on I began thinking, “What would I do if that actually came to pass? Am I prepared for those next steps?” I’ve found that if God places something in your heart you can pretty much guarantee that the enemy will step in and try to steal it from you in the form of doubt and accusations.

This morning though as I was getting ready for work God reminded me of the story of Abraham and Isaac. If you’re unfamiliar with it, read it here. In short, God asked Abraham to take his only son Isaac, the very same son who was the answer to a promise of descendants, to a mountaintop and offer him as a sacrifice. Bible scholars have written their own mountains of why God asked Abraham to do this; but in the end this ‘test’ was about Abraham’s heart. Did Abraham love and trust God more than anything else? Even more than his own son?

Here’s the lesson that God laid on me this morning: We should pray big and ask God to do even more than we can imagine (Ephesians 3:20). Yet, in our asking, we need to remain cautious that we do not become more consumed with the gift than the Giver. It’s a fine line to becoming more in love with our ministry than with the One who we are ultimately ministering to and for.

If our churches are full but we have become more focused on technology and marketing than with Jesus – then we’ve fallen in love with an idol. And idols are serious business in the Kingdom of God. God is far less concerned with the size of our Sanctuaries in comparison to the condition of our hearts. So yes, pray big – but stay in love with Jesus above all else.

Til next time,