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Before I get to this week’s post I want to strongly recommend you head over to Elevation Church by clicking here and watch one of their latest messages, “Don’t Stop on 6.” I almost used my weekly space here but I realized that it would be a  disservice to simply give you summary. Seriously – go check it out. On to the post…

I heard an interesting quote on the radio last week from financial guru Dave Ramsey. There are several iterations of it online but the basic quote is, “Wealth makes you more of what you already are; money just amplifies your character traits.”

A lot of people tend to think that if they were to get wealthy then they would become more giving. But, the truth is, if you aren’t a giving person now then you won’t be a giving person if you have more money. As soon as I heard the quote it really, really began working on me. Perhaps this is why Jesus talked about money so much. If it amplifies our character traits, and we don’t have the character to support a lot of money, well… you do the emotional math. I’m not really heading in that direction this week but it’s certainly something to consider.

The reason the quote snagged me was because I know I’ve said that to myself. “God, if you would help me make more money then I’ll be able to give you more.” Yet, after I heard Dave Ramsey’s quote I realized that what God is saying in return is, “Dave, why don’t you just give what I’ve called you to give today.”

I then started thinking about all the other ways I’ve used this faulty logic. “I’ll start exercising when I get more time. I’ll spend more time with my family when I’m not so busy. I’ll read more books in the summer after my favorite shows have finished.” I’ve learned from previous experience that moment never comes. I don’t remember where I heard this quote, but it’s a good one: “If we spend our lives waiting for the right moment we’ll miss the ones right in front of us.”

We aren’t promised tomorrow. In fact, we aren’t even promised the rest of today. Instead of a “waiting for” perspective I believe the calling is to move towards “doing today” behaviors. Give generously today. Love deeply today. Turn off the TV today. Life isn’t going to get any less hectic. The perfect moment probably isn’t going to magically appear. We’ll never “arrive” to whatever place we are anticipating that will suddenly make us better people. It’s stepping out in faith today, especially when it’s hard, and trusting that God has our tomorrows.

…Indeed, the “right time” is now. Today is the day of salvation. 2 Corinthians 6:2 (NLT)

Til next time,