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I was driving to church yesterday morning and I was simply breath-taken by the beauty of the winter snow. Yet, in the exhalation, I suddenly noticed something very troubling. It didn’t feel like Christmas. My mom had previously mentioned it was because of the late Thanksgiving. Something in me knew better though.

It was the Christmas rush. Not the rush of warm Christmas fuzzies mind you; it was the Christmas scramble. It’s go-go-go to get everything accomplished before Christmas Eve. Even the consistent barrage of Christmas Pandora stations at work hadn’t been enough to put me in the Christmas spirit. It was my own doing. Planning, events, more planning, tying up loose ends at work before year’s end, and blah blah blah. Because really, when compared to the reality of God incarnate, the rest of it feels a bit insignificant.

For some reason though even the knowledge of the immensity and wonder of Advent hadn’t been enough. I felt like I was “Missing Advent” all over again (see Dec. 2 post). I was feeling frustrated and tired as I drove to Uni Place yesterday afternoon. I was already late for their annual Christmas sing so I had planned on just hanging out in the chapel. I noticed some people still in the Sanctuary so I thought I would sneak in and listen to the last couple of numbers.

The only song I got to hear was O Holy Night. It was perfect. With my winter coat still on, sitting near the back of the Sanctuary, I slowly began to let go of my busyness. In that moment, with the beauty of the piano filling the Sanctuary coupled with the sweet and clear tones of the female vocalists, I had my first real Christmas moment of the season. The presence of God warmed my heart and reminded me why this time of year is so meaningful. All I had to do was stop and listen.

With Christmas only nine days away let’s take some time to stop and listen. Put on your favorite Christmas album, brew a cup of tea (Candy Cane Lane is a Christmas winner), and breathe in the goodness of God. May we be reminded that adoration is often about stopping instead of doing, listening instead of speaking, and giving instead of taking. Draw near. Listen. Adore.

O come, let us adore Him,
O come, let us adore Him,
O come, let us adore Him,
Christ the Lord.

Til next time,