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OneThing Conference

Whew… a full past couple of weeks. Christmas, Christmas travels, conference, and the flu. It’s been crazy.

Christmas was a sweet time with family. We were able to spend time with nearly all of our extended families which was such a blessing. Several hours on the road to make it happen; but it was worth the drive time to catch up and celebrate the birth of our Savior together.

On Saturday (December 28th) we headed to Kansas City to join with nearly 35,000 other people in worship and prayer at the OneThing International House of Prayer Conference. Ellie was able to participate in several of the children’s ministry equipping sessions and Noah got to experience some truly phenomenal worship and teaching. The above picture is from the Jesus Culture night of worship. So good.

What wasn’t so great was that on New Year’s Eve, after the ball dropped, I started feeling a bit sick. This progressed into a full-blown case of the flu (I’m still recovering). Three days in bed was not how I anticipated ringing in the New Year. All is well though. I’ll be at 100 percent in a couple of days.

In the midst of all that though we are now in 2014 which means a New Year full of fresh possibilities. I’ve contemplated this blog over the past couple of weeks with a New Year in mind. In November of 2012 I made a commitment to blog weekly and save one week of vacation, I’ve been successful in meeting that goal. I may take a couple of weeks off simply to process what direction I might want to head with it in 2014. I have some ideas – I simply need to spend some time with them.

So with that, I’m off to continue to recuperate. Stay warm and safe and richest blessings on the start of a New Year!

Til next time,