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Photo taken by Jason Lemay

Photo taken by Jason Lemay

I posted this last week for the church website’s blog. Enjoy 🙂

I woke up this morning to an automated voice mail sent out from the kid’s school district. The news: School is once again cancelled due to inclement weather. The proverbial “old man winter” has not been gentle on us this year. I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and walked into their bedroom to confirm the much-anticipated (and expected) snow day. A few minutes later I received an email from Pastor Rick letting the staff know that the church offices would be closed today. A snow day for me as well.

I’ll be somewhat transparent here… A snow day to adults is not the same joy that it is for kids. At least, not when your kids find themselves stuck inside all day and the restlessness and confining space results in entering the town of, “Bouncing-off-the-wallsville.” I wish I didn’t visit it as often as I do.

After their third disagreement I found myself becoming increasingly frustrated. My suggestions of games to play resulted in, “But I don’t want to play that. That game is boring!” I began thinking, “I can’t wait for you two to go back to school tomorrow.” Then, well… it’s always interesting how God works.

I was suddenly reminded (probably by God) of a small graphic with text that my aunt posted on Facebook a couple of weeks ago. I found the actual quote earlier and it is this:

Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things. – Robert Brault

The truth is, these moments are fleeting. My kids won’t be young forever. Eventually (it’s already happening) they won’t want me around their teenage friends and most certainly not around future boyfriends/girlfriends. They will think I’m completely out of touch until they graduate college. I won’t be cool again until they have kids of their own.

Yet, in the midst of the busyness and the chaotic-ness I’m reminded of the great gift they are. And, quite frankly, how often God uses them to reveal my own shortcomings and growth edges. I’m continually working on this but I know that out of all that God has called me to do investing in their lives is one of the highest priorities. In turn, God meets me in that place and offers grace and mercy to use me as an instrument to accomplish what only He can carry out in their lives.

A snow day is a little thing in the grand scheme of it all. But, it’s a big thing for the relationships with my children. So… may we embrace the little things today. They are likely bigger than we realize.

Til next time,