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Several years ago I was attending a youth conference and they showed one of those hip and cool videos. Lots of depth of field shots, running through a sunlit pasture, that sort of thing. The music swelled as the narrator was likely challenging the students to ‘step out of their comfort zones.’ I don’t remember the exact words. What I do remember is that the music suddenly stopped. The screen went black. And just when I thought there was a technical malfunction these words appeared on the screen:

“Behold. I come to make all things new.” – Jesus

I etched this moment, due to the difficult season I was experiencing. Something deep inside me stirred, drawn to the promise of newness.

As the earth comes back to life after the long winter months, there is an unmistakable freshness in the air. People are smiling more in the grocery store. The air feels lighter. Spring has become one of my favorite seasons in recent years. There’s just something about re-birth.

This is also the promise of Easter. As we find ourselves in the middle of Lent, we can look forward to the hope of Easter. Jesus, dead for three days, comes back to life to redeem all humanity.

I bring this up to remind us that while it may be Lent, a time of repentance and sacrifice, Easter is coming. We bring our repentance to the cross and on the other side is forgiveness and hope. Our guilt and our shame meet redemption and second chances.

May we bring our burdens to the One who can lift them as we continue our Lenten trek. As we breathe in spring air, may we find ourselves reminded of Easter hope. And maybe, just maybe, in the midst whatever difficulty you may be facing, you’ll hear the whisper of the One who gave Himself for us all. “Behold. I come to make all things new.”